On Friday, the 27 day of March, 2020, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued SCAD No. 2020-29, which was the Court’s application of Governor Stitt’s Fourth Amended Executive Order, 2020-7, issued on the 24th day of March, 2020.
The entire Judicial Order, signed by Chief Justice Noma D. Gurich and Presiding Judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals, David B. Lewis is attached below; however, the highlights and major implications of the Order are as follows:

Top Takeaways from Supreme Court’s New Order

  • Orders apply to every judge, court clerk, courthouse, and court employees in State of Oklahoma, including appellate courts;
  • All jury trials/terms are cancelled through May 15, 2020, i.e. you don’t have jury service until at least the end of May, if you received a juror summons;
  • All deadlines/procedures are suspended until May 15, 2020, excepting only Constitutional limitations;
  • All civil case statutes of limitations are extended through May 15, 2020; and
  • All courthouse are closed excepting only emergency hearings by local orders. No more than 10 people including the judge and all court staff can be in the courtroom; and
  • Video conferencing and remove participation shall be used to the extent possible.

What does this mean for me?
Cannon & Associates is doing everything possible to use technology and our contacts to move cases forward, get client’s out of custody, and fight for you.

Criminal Defense: We can assist you or your family member in getting released from custody and develop your defense.

Current clients, we are working tirelessly to reschedule / resolve all out of custody client matters and fighting for progress for our clients in custody.

Personal Injury: We can assist you in identifying your claim and gathering all relevant records. We can begin the process of helping you seek compensation before this crisis is over.

Currently clients, we are continuing to seek records and litigate client cases with opposing counsel and adjusters.

Family Law Matters: We can and have set emergency hearings for clients that qualify. We can reach agreed orders and negotiate with opposing parties.

Current clients, we are continuing to seek agreement on issues that can be resolved and implementing strategy to fight for every client’s desired outcome.

We are offering DELAYED billing and INITIAL RETAINER FEES during this crisis.

Supreme Court’s Order Closing Courts

As promised, here is the Supreme Court’s official order: