Nursing homes have become the go-to solution for people who are unable to take care of the special and specific needs of their loved ones. Loved ones pay a huge amount to ensure that their elderly ones are well cared for. However, this investment in their care and well-being may amount to nothing if the nursing home is understaffed.

Effects of understaffing in nursing homes

Many nursing homes across the nation are faced with one common problem; understaffing. The crisis, according to research, has affected about 95 percent of all nursing facilities across the United States.

With this problem spreading like a wildfire across the nation, the result is evident in the level of care and attention enjoyed by residents of these nursing homes.

Due to the lack of adequate staff members, the attention span of employees is shorter than it should be while also decreasing the staff to patient ratio. With a decrease in this ratio, common problems like serious injuries, and in some cases, death among the residents becomes prevalent.

Understanding nursing home understaffing as a menace

Many people are unaware of the serious understaffing issue faced by nursing homes across the United States. The prevalent issue has appeared to be minor due to underreporting.

Many nursing homes have had to remain deliberately understaffed as a means to cut costs thus leading to an overwhelming number of residents who are being cared for by only a few staff.

With the pressure on the few staff, the ability to deliver their duties effectively becomes questionable, especially as they are handling more patients than they should. Understaffing leaves the employees drained. In most cases, a single nurse may be allocated over a dozen residents to care for.

With an increase in the duties of each qualified nurse, the problem of nursing home abuse may creep up. Underpaid and overworked nursing staff may find themselves turning a blind eye to some of their duties due to the high number of patients and residents on their roaster.

Residents may also begin to suffer common forms of nursing home abuse like financial exploitation, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, psychological trauma, and a decline in health due to lack of proper attention to medication use and health data.

The Consequences of Nursing Home Understaffing

Several negative consequences are associated with nursing home understaffing. Understaffing erodes the rights of both the residents and the nursing staff. Residents suffer untold hardship as they are not cared for the way they should. The staff, on the other hand, may also suffer from extensive stress.

Understaffing may lead to other common problems like;

– Immobile patients suffer more and may develop bedsores, skin problems, health deterioration, and more.
– The Resident’s needs are neglected. Common needs like bathing, cleaning up, cloth changes, and more may become a luxury.
– Residents may begin to suffer all manner of abuse from nursing home staff

When such a problem like this has been noticed, a great way to approach the problem is to contact your lawyer while attempting to immediately remove your loved ones from such a nursing home to avoid further complications that can lead to death.

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