Are you wondering if you qualify for the Philips CPAP lawsuit? Did you suffer from cancer, lung disease, or another serious health condition that was diagnosed after using a Phillips CPAP machine? If your answers were yes, you may be eligible to seek compensation in the Philips CPAP lawsuit.

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CPAP Lawsuits Alleges Links Between Philips Devices and Cancer Risks

Phillips, in June of 2021, recalled certain CPAP devices and mechanical ventilators due to product defects. The manufacturer cited that the recalled devices contained foam materials capable of degrading over time. The degraded foam material, when inhaled, enters into the lung causing inflammation and exposing users to cancer risks. Additionally, if the foam is ingested it causes risk of other health conditions, including cancers.

Recalled Phillips Products 

Phillips CPAP machines

Phillips BiLevel PAP machines

Phillips Mechanical Ventilators (specific models)

Following the announcement by Phillips, affected and potential victims have filed a CPAP lawsuit alleging the CPAP machines to be the cause of their injuries and cancer diagnosis.

Begin your eligibility journey by completing the form on this page for answers to your Philips CPAP lawsuit questions. You may be eligible to file this lawsuit if you have used at least one of the defective and recalled products and have also been diagnosed with a certain type of organ damage, cancer, or other injuries.

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Qualifying Cancers and Injuries 

The defective Philips CPAP machines and ventilators are more likely to cause certain cancers and diseases. Victims who qualify for the lawsuit would have been diagnosed with conditions such as the following after using a recalled Philips CPAP machine or ventilator:

Lung cancer

Kidney cancer

Liver cancer

Heart problems

Kidney failure

Sudden respiratory failure leading to heart attack

Liver failure

What is a CPAP Machine?

A Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) machine is designed to help people who suffer from sleep apnea, breathe easily as they sleep. The machine delivers a continuous flow of oxygen to the user’s respiratory system thus preventing respiratory collapse – a major symptom of sleep apnea.

A “Bi-Level” or BiPAP machine offers two pressure settings for inhalation and exhalation. 

CPAP Machines are designed to include a mask, motor, connecting tube, adjustable straps, and headgear. Some CPAP machines, like the recalled Philips products, contain foams or other sound-cancellation materials intended to reduce the operational noise. In this CPAP lawsuit, it is alleged that the Philips CPAP and BiLevel PAP machines contained defective foam materials that degrade and increase the risk of cancer and other health injuries when inhaled. The PE-PUR sound abatement foam has been identified as toxic and potentially carcinogenic. 

Philips has one of the largest CPAP machine market shares and about 80% of its CPAP machines have been recalled.

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